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Dear Parents,

we are happy to announce that in the quiet district of Královské Vinohrady in Prague, Czech Republic, at the prestigious address of Dykova Street 31, we are opening The Prague International Academy (PIA) for the start of the academic year. Preschool PIA is designed for gifted children ages 3-6 years. Children under the age of three are also welcome upon agreement.

The Prague International Academy teachers are enthusiastic specialists with both theoretical and practical experience in educating preschool students and younger children. The personality of each of our students is unique, and that fact will never cease to motivate, entertain, and inspire us. We support positive relationships between children in a friendly environment. An integral part of the life of PIA students is experiential programs. Graduates of PIA are perfectly prepared for admission to the first year of Primary School / Year 2. We are focused on the development of elite Czech language learning, often using tools such as music and creative drama (both being specializations of our teachers).

The children of The Prague International Academy may join the Student Theater Prague (SdP). SdP participates in morning performances of leading Prague theaters, staging the works of Czech and international authors. We also provide plenty of space for the natural exuberance of children and help them develop their movements on the stage. Since we are deeply committed to a healthy lifestyle, quality food is a matter of course.

We teach English in cooperation with native speakers, thus English naturally becomes another language the child uses to communicate.

Quality pre-school education is the first and most important step in the successful and happy life of your child.

We look forward to our future students!

Team Prague International Academy

Filing of The Application


Contact for english speaking:
Email: prague-academy@post.cz

Mgr. Martina Václavková
PIA Director
Email: info@prague-academy.cz

Mobile: +420 774 603 303

PIA Address:
Dykova 543/31
Praha 10 – Vinohrady, 101 00
Czech Republic

PhDr. Vladimíra Václavková
Jivenská 1, Praha 4
IČ: 06251081